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Healthy Eating & Active Living

Healthy Eating & Active Living

Supporting Healthy Lifestyles in Central Minnesota

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At Feeling Good MN, we have assembled a coalition of medical professionals, policy makers, educators, health care advocates, and parents who are committed to improving the health of children in Central Minnesota by reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity.

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By coordinating resources and programs, we strive to make a significant impact on childhood obesity. In 2006, we set out on an ambitious journey to lower the BMI (body-mass index) of children in Central Minnesota by 10% over ten years.

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What We’ve Done & Where We’re Going

In fact, CentraCare Health released data that showed the rate of 12-year-olds who were overweight or obese had a 24 percent decline over six years in the greater St. Cloud region.

We will continue to advance health and wellness in our communities through environmental and system changes that are broad-based and sustainable.

The Community Impact of Our Initiatives

  • 29%

    Reduction in 12-year-old boys' obesity rate

  • 6,600

    Fewer children classified as obese

  • $1,154

    Cost of care for one child with obesity

Healthier Communities Start Here

Learn more about the initiatives we take part in to encourage healthy eating and lifestyles.

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Stay Active to Stay Healthy!

The benefits of exercising and physical activity cannot be understated. In addition to physical health, staying active has also proven to have a positive effect on mental health. At Feeling Good MN, we want to make it easy for everyone in the community to be active and healthy. While we have many big events like the annual 5K and half marathon, we also educate people on small ways they can get physical activity throughout the week like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking farther away from the grocery store to get a few extra steps in. We’re committed to helping the entire family get the exercise they need!

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