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Activating Health and Wellness in Central Minnesota

Feeling Good MN is a community collaborative initiative of CentraCare Health focused on improving health and wellness in St. Cloud and surrounding areas by creating environments that support making the healthy choice the easy choice through education and outreach programs. Feeling Good MN is made possible by the dedicated efforts of CentraCare Health and partner organizations.

It's estimated that 80% of what
health outcomes

happens outside hospital
and clinic walls.

What are primary
influences on personal health?*

  • 50%


  • 20%

    Access to a
    Health System

  • 30%


Determinants of Health Model based on frameworks developed by: Tarlov AR. Ann N Y Acad Sco 1999; 896: 281-93; and Kindig D, Asada Y, Booske B. JAMA 2008; 299(17): 2081-2083. World Health Organization, Ottawa charter for health promotion. International Conference on Health Promotion: The Move Towards a New Public Health, November 17-21, 196 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1986. Accessed July 12, 2002 at

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CentraCare Health is a not-for-profit health care system that provides comprehensive, high quality health services to people throughout Central Minnesota while seeking to enhance individual and community health. With partner organizations and existing programs, we work to make it easier for people to make healthier choices.

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