About Feeling Good MN

Changing the Way Our Community Thinks About Health

Feeling Good MN is an initiative from CentraCare Health that works with partner organizations to improve the health of our communities by advancing changes in policies, systems and environments. It’s estimated that 80 percent of what drives health outcomes happens outside hospital and clinic walls, which is why we are focusing on practical and innovative ways to impact our communities.


Partner with communities to lead the Midwest in making healthy choices easier everywhere, every day.


Create a healthier greater St. Cloud area and Central Minnesota by engaging whole communities to make healthy options automatic, affordable and accessible for everyone.


  • Prevention
  • Health Equity
  • Connection
  • Collaboration

Feeling Good MN is committed to working across sectors with multiple stakeholders to make healthy options automatic, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

What are the goals?

Feeling Good MN is working to build healthy communities by design so that it’s easy to be healthy. By expanding prevention efforts and engaging diverse stakeholders, Feeling Good MN can help lower chronic disease rates, reduce healthcare costs and ultimately attract people to live and work in our communities.

Areas of Focus

  • Encourage and support active lifestyles through the development of sidewalks, bike lanes and other modes of active transportation that make it safe and easy for people to be active.
  • Improve and promote the affordability, availability and accessibility of healthy foods in schools, in the workplace and communities.
  • Advocate for and support the implementation of enhanced policies that reduce and restrict smoking, tobacco and e-cigarette use.
  • Educate the community about the long and short-term health effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Identify tools and resources needed to address and prevent ACEs from having devastating effects on our communities.