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Feeling Good MN

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn -- CentraCare Health aspires to be more than just central Minnesota’s preferred healthcare provider. Its goal is to be the catalyst that engages communities in health beyond CentraCare’s network of hospitals and clinics. When you consider that up to 80 percent of what drives health happens outside hospital and clinic walls, this is a big opportunity.

This fall, the organization takes a big step toward this goal with the introduction of Feeling Good MN, an initiative powered by CentraCare Health. The purpose of Feeling Good MN is to make people in central Minnesota healthy just by living here. This requires not only focusing on the importance of traditional wellness like nutrition and exercise, but also policies and community design that create a supportive environment for everyone.

Feeling Good MN builds on the success of programs like BLEND and Crave the Change, which have helped dramatically reduce childhood obesity rates among 12-year-olds and establish healthy tobacco-free environments throughout the region.

In the next year, Feeling Good MN will introduce many new and exciting activities that encourage people to join in this movement. The effort will also be the focal point of a new partnership with KARE-11 TV, which will feature health and wellness information each month, starting in November. To receive updates about Feeling Good MN, or to find out how you can get involved, visit

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