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Designed by Superheroes!

children at tableThis year for the CentraCare Health – Earth Day Run kids events, the BLEND team has given the 1K a “theme” to make the run more memorable and out-of-this-world-FUN! This is the first time it has been done for the 1K run – stakes are high. Well, not really…but we want kids to get excited about being active and protecting our planet.

So, a design contest was held to find the best ideas to feature on all 2018 BLEND 1K promotions – t-shirts, flyer, and coloring sheets. Students from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central MN were invited to submit their “Planet Protector Superhero” drawings for a chance to win the contest. More than 250 students submitted their drawing.

After careful consideration the top drawings were selected. Coincidentally, the three winners – Ben, Eliett and Isaac – attend the Rocori KIDSTOP after school program. This worked perfectly to schedule a visit for graphic designer, Peg Churchwell, to meet with all the winners and find out what inspired them. (Thanks Nikki for arranging the visit!)

Ben, Eliett, and Isaac were excited to meet with Peg and talk about their drawings. There were a few moments of quiet reflection (honestly, they were overwhelmed with the story Peg was telling them!) and a lot of giggles and cheers. The kids were thrilled when they saw the final image that will be used for the 2018 BLEND 1K! To see the final graphic on the t-shirt and flyer; and to print a coloring sheet, visit the BLEND Earth Day Run page.

Thanks to everyone at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central MN and Rocori KIDSTOP for making this happen. And, a special thank you to Ben, Eliett and Isaac for being our SUPERHEROES!

P.S. The process to create a graphic – from understanding what the kids were imagining to developing an amazing design – is remarkable. The below infographic “6 Steps to Develop a Superhero!” will show you how Peg developed the new BLEND 1K graphic. Thanks Peg! The BLEND team couldn’t be happier!

steps to develop a superhero