Fun Bin

Free Games & Activities for Kids in St. Cloud

Feeling Good MN is working to build healthy communities by design so that it’s easy to be healthy. The Feeling Good MN Fun Bin encourages people to be active by making games and sports equipment more accessible. The Fun Bin is a container chock-full of sporting equipment, games and toys, all free to use by kids and adults alike. If you see the Fun Bin, enjoy all it has to offer!

The rules of the Fun Bin are simple:

  1. Borrow an item.
  2. Have fun!
  3. Put it back when you’re done.

To make sure the equipment is available to as many people as possible, all equipment should be returned to the Fun Bin the same day.

Where to Find the Fun Bin

If you have a suggestion for where you’d like to see the Fun Bin, send us an email at and let us know! We will be reviewing and choosing Fun Bin locations and will post the dates and details on this page.

All equipment and items in the Fun Bin were generously donated by Scheels of St. Cloud.

Check out our upcoming Fun Bin Locations

St. Cloud

Sauk Centre