Healthy, Active Fundraising for Schools

Fundraising for Schools

Feeling Good MN Walk-A-Thons is a healthy, active fundraising model that asks students to collect donations for their school and in return they can participate in a day of celebration and physical activity. The events promote walking, but schools are creating additional opportunities for students to engage in a variety of fitness fun!

Feeling Good MN Walk-A-Thons have proven to be wildly successful for central Minnesota schools. In fact, many schools have called it quits with product fundraisers and are exclusively using the Walk-a-Thon model to raise money for school needs. Walk-A-Thons are very profitable and allow schools to keep every penny since 100% of the money raised at the school stays at the school.

It’s About More Than Money

Schools have raised a lot of money hosting Walk-a-Thons, but Feeling Good MN Walk-A-Thons are about so much more than just fundraising. Feeling Good MN Walk-A-Thons:

  • Support student wellness policies and can advance wellness strategies
  • Eliminate unhealthy food in fundraising
  • Are all-inclusive
  • Build school spirit
  • Increase student participation
  • Require no contracts
  • Are hassle-free! No more fulfilling product orders
  • Do NOT require students to sell products and goods

See for yourself – just click on each of the PDF’s below to see how Walk-a-Thons have made a difference for Central Minnesota schools since 2011.

Walk-A-Thon Resources

Feeling Good MN has developed comprehensive Walk-a-Thon resources to provide schools with step-by-step instructions to plan and host a successful Walk-a-Thon event.

Feeling Good MN has worked closely with elementary, middle and high schools to develop resources to ensure you have the tools for organizing the best Walk-a-Thon for your school. The resources are available in two categories – one for elementary schools (Pre-K to 5th grade) and the other for middle and high schools (6th to 12th grade).

Feeling Good MN Walk-A-Thon Support

Funding from the CentraCare Health Foundation and Stearns County SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program) were instrumental in the development of the Feeling Good MN Walk-A-Thon resources.

If you have questions about Feeling Good MN Walk-A-Thons, please contact us at 320-251-2700 ext. 77523 or email