Purpose is a recognition that we belong to and serve something bigger than ourselves.

Our purpose helps to shape the mindset and attitude we have towards others and the events we experience. Have you ever pondered why you get up each morning or what your purpose is in this world? Some mornings are easier than others and we have a distinct handle on our purpose. Others are more difficult and we struggle with our “why”. Our daily lives are consumed with family, work-related, and personal needs and we may often lose our focus.

Our life’s purpose can be found in many ways. For some it may be their daily work, for others it may be their favorite hobby or something that helps make the world a better place, yet others may find their purpose in something that they are naturally good at. No matter where or how we find our purpose, the importance remains in that we have one!

In this day of increasing anxiety and depression, decrease in social connectedness, and emphasis on extrinsic rewards, purpose is one of the five pillars of resilience that is extremely important for a healthier and happier life.

Purpose Can Be…

Purpose can be something that is instantly meaningful to you, activities that give life meaning, something that makes you come alive and feel excited, your commitment to something, something that makes you smile or makes you lose track of time… purpose is wonderful!

Those who find purpose can see improvements in:

  • Optimism
  • Motivation
  • Focus and Determination
  • Sense of Well-being
  • Reduced Stress and Improved Coping
  • Positivity
  • Life satisfaction
  • Acceptance and less discomfort with diversity
  • Protection against Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s
  • Mental and Physical Health

Purpose in Teens & Young Adults.

Purpose in teens and young adults can lessen depression, lessen drug abuse and binge drinking, lead to healthier habits and physical health, and lead to a greater commitment to schoolwork.

Now, how do we help them foster purpose?

  • Model purpose
  • Foster gratitude
  • Ask them about their skills and talents and how they hope to change the world
  • Talk to them and listen to what they are saying
  • Allow for time to reflect on purpose